About Us

UptownTraction is a Digital Marketing company that is based in Los Angeles, CA. We offer customized campaigns in display/ banner advertising, email marketing, mobile advertising, search marketing and video ads. We provide measurable results to ensure that our "traction" is meeting your targeted goals and objectives. Whether you looking for arbitrage traffic, branding traffic or conversion based traffic, we can help.


UptownTraction works with all types of companies, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We have over 15+ years of media buying experience and own our network of sites. We also have the latest fraud prevention technologies to prevent bot and fraudulent traffic. If you need traction to your business, contact us today!


In the News

4/13- AdTech in San Francisco is fast approaching. Book a meeting with us.

2/13- Webfest Global in Santa Monica is right around the corner. Book a meeting with us.


1/13- ASW in Las Vegas was a huge success.