Banner Advertising

How will display advertising help my business?

Display advertising is one of the most effective ways to brand your website or business. The advantages of display advertising are that you can reach a large audience base for a reasonable cost, target specific demographics (based on age/ income/ geo/ gender/ income) and you can even retarget users who have been to your site or searched for your business/ services offered.


Why should I choose Uptown Traction?

At Uptown Traction we put our client's goals and objectives first.  While display is an effective means of branding your website or business, it can also be very highly targeted and generate conversions for your sales team or business.  When choosing our company we will provide you a questionnaire which will help us better understand your goals and objectives.  We will then come up with a customized game plan for your business.


Our traffic is generated via our owned and operated properties, as well as our selected publisher network.  Our pricing is based upon CPM with a select amount of CPC pricing.  If you are interested in advertising on our display network, contact us today!